Breta Swan

The Ticking Realm

Frailty of Crystal, The Locket

Character Profiles (some slight spoilers)

Cora Minturne - A Sorceress from Borluum with a murky memory of her childhood and a troubling past.  She is in the Ticking Realm (earth) on an assignment to further the interests of Borluum (a parallel realm of magic).

Justin Langsley - A handsome and hauntingly familiar stranger Cora meets on a business trip.

Garry Van Arden - Cora's beautiful young neighbor who is struggling to find love with the right man. 

Geoff Decante - The human lover from Cora's recent past.

Olive - A Chihuahua Cora has taken as a familiar.  She is bound to Cora's will, but loves Garry.

Esme - Cora's mentor from Borluum, and closest confident of the High Queen.

Fabian - A Supreme Warlock from Borluum, who is Cora's friend and occasional lover.

Fariel - Fabian's twin brother.

Katrine - Justin's soon-to-be ex-wife

The High Queen - The royal ruler of Borluum for close to a millenium.

The Sorcerer King - The High Queen's husband and consort - a young prince from Borluum's closest neighboring realm, Kellaan

Basthaltienne - A demon warlock who is the executive commander of Borluum's penal system.

Jonah Reddpohl - The High Prince of Kellaan.